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BY: Israel Cabrera
Published: 06 Mayo 2019
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Israel Cabrera
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€œAn image is worth more than thousand words€

Certainly you will have read or listened to this expression innumerable times, and in spite of having major or minor importance, in the professional scope acquires a vital importance, more concretely when we spoke of images in the Web. Next we will see because.

Some advice

In the present world in which the society has a time very limited, it is highly probable that we catch better the attention with a good image designed and oriented the objective public who with an ample text that turns out tedious to read. This is due to the commented reason essentially previously, the time. 

The image can catch the attention in the first impact. It does not detest as other mass media that they require to pay more attention. It is possible to be turned easily into viral by the social networks. It inspires, it suggests and it invites to us more that is to say.

Color theory

Also, the color theories are something to consider, we will not deepen much in the subject, but we can comment to you, for example, that the colors pies relax whereas the most alive colors raise. Next, we emphasized the behavior of some colors:

  • Target €“ it is associated Generally with cleaning, purity or innocence. It is a color very used to publicize medical services and also to emphasize products in the commerce online.
  • Black €“ It transmits to be able, formality and mystery. Usually it goes connected with products of the high range. Also it is used with other colors to increase the resistance to emphasize some element in particular.
  • Yellow €“ It represents energy, heat, optimism and happiness. One is a color very used to promote infantile products, but it agrees not to abuse him, since one is a very alive color.
  • Red €“ it is associated to the passion, the danger or the love. It is used in beauty products or fashion and as with the previous color, agrees not to abuse by the negative effects that can offer when the proportion is not the suitable one. Also it is used to emphasize supplies, coupons discount or reductions, since it is demonstrated that it attracts the glance of the clients.
  • Orange €“ It represents Attraction, creativity and success. It is used for nutritional products or infantile toys.
  • Blue €“ it is related to intelligence and the confidence to him. It is used for products of personal taken care of cleaning or.
  • Green €“ It represents health, nature and tranquillity. It is associated to natural or ecological products, free air and some sanitary products.

An example of the power of the image is the exponential increase that has experienced Instagram in a short period of time. A social network dedicated essentially to raise to images and/or photographies.

It creates your own brand

Returning to the subject of the title of this post, related to the businesses, an image is tie to a brand, which does own and recognizable, some examples of this can be brands as McDonald's, Mercedes, Pepsi, Nike, etc. For this reason, is demonstrated that a good image transmits quality, confidence, credibility and security to its clients.

The image of a business begins by its logo. This one is the one in charge to distinguish a brand on the rest, with its colors and chosen typographies. This element is very important to generate confidence and to establish branding of our business, since it will be including in pamphlets or flyers, in companies of mail, letterheads and seals, bags or showcases and coverall in our corporative webpage.


A Web that contains images of little quality will be weakened in a very high percentage, since by very or which it works or very or programmed that is the impression which we will give to the clients with a Web of this type will seriously be damaged and far from it will be able to demonstrate to the quality of our products and/or services.

Our brain much more perceives fast the images that the texts, so we must take advantage of that first impression that we will give to the public one on our business.

NOTE: If we took care of the images of our Web and we labeled them properly, Google will even award to us, since our business will be positioned better in the results search, which will help us in the SEO of our Web.

It is necessary to emphasize that these advice on the images of the businesses are applicable to any sector. Although they acquire a greater importance in webpages of hotels, restaurants, real estate, etc. Also we will apply this principle when a store online or ecommerce is, in which the product is the protagonist and we must contribute the maximum of information possible to convince to buying potentials.

In all the described cases it is important that the images are optimized and thus to obtain that the Web is not excessively slow when loading (which also influences at the time of catching clients). In this aspect it will be necessary to have special well-taken care of with the size, format, resolution and other aspects that sometimes cause that the weight of the images is major that the necessary one.


Really, we must attract our clients with quality images that help to wake up the interest on our brand. If you need help in this aspect, from the Art of the Web we will be enchanted to help you offering you alternative that better adjusts to your needs.

It continues visiting us to know new features the world Web or in the social networks.

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