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One landing page, also well-known as landing page, is a powerful tool of marketing online that concentrates mainly in securing conversions. These can be: a user registry, to fill in a form of contact, a call, etc.

Landing page is the perfect complement for the campaigns of SEM, because with them they are able to improve the results considerably. Normally, the companies that decide on this type of Web, prefer to create them outside the scope of the corporative webpage, with the aim of contracting a domain that catches the attention and is easily memorable.

Although its main assignment is the one of the generation of €œleads€, in the last years have been numerous the companies that have decided on this type of Web, basically by its simplicity. When concentrating all the information in a single page, is much more easy to put the center in products or services, and to avoid so a potential client loses himself of the objective through navigation.

It would be logical to think, that an aesthetically simple webpage, at technical level also is it, but it is not thus. It is important to maintain a commitment enters design, message and yield, with the aim of ensuring the success of the Web.

A bad definition in the phase of design could ruin the purpose that is tried with the site.

This type of Web presents many strength, but without a doubt the most excellent advantages are:

  • It improves the ROI of the SEM campaigns
  • The time of load is reduced
  • Help to increase the sales
  • It is relatively easy to manage
  • Its price is very economic
  • unlimited hosting plans

If you wish to complement your strategy of marketing online, or if your business does not require of a very complex website, without a doubt landing page is the product that you need.

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