By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 13 Julio 2020
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Promises are made to be kept and, as it indicated in previous posts, I add the present article in which I am going to detail the process to renombrar the line of approach to a webpage developed with WordPress.
You have to know that to renombrar the access to WordPress it is not an excessively complex task, but requires to follow a series of steps.

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For which renombrar the access to WordPress?

As you know well, any installation of WordPress has a line of approach with a format similar to the following one: or

From both directions you will be able to accede to the panel of administration of the Web. I have to emphasize that these directions as so they are not uncertain, the problem comes when somebody with bad intentions uses them to gain access to your Web, since they are urls known by any person with some minimum knowledge on the platform.

Therefore, he is vitally important to renombrar the access URL to increase the security of WordPress and to protect your website of brute force attacks.


How I do it?

Essentially we are going to differentiate two forms to renombrar the access to WordPress and, therefore, its panel of administration.

  • By means of plugin
  • Manually (without plugin)


1. By means of plugin

One is the way simplest to realise it. In addition, to comment to you that several exist plugins that will help you to renombrar the line of approach of WordPress, but after using many of them, I am going away to center in whom better result has given me personally.

Plugin at issue denominates WPS Hide Login, first of everything it will be to unload it from this connection or the panel of administration of WordPress within the Plugins Menu being done click in Installing new€¦ as you will see next:

With plugin already installed and activated correctly you will be able to accede to the configuration from the menu of Adjustments - > WPS Hide Login

Once inside, you will have the following options:

As you see, you can write in field €œaccess URL€ the new direction that replaces or commented wp-admin or wp-login.php
Of this form, after keeping the changes, the access to WordPress will happen to be the following one:

This it is only an example, since you can write what you wish, that is to you representative and easy to remember.

In case of attempts to urls by defect, according to you will see in the example, will redirigir¡ to page 404.


What I do if forgetfulness the new direction?

IMPORTANT: First of everything, as it indicated, it is to fix a new URL of access to WordPress that is easy to remember and to even keep it in favorites from your navigator. However, if the case of not being able to accede (not to remember it or any kind of problem) occurs you, you will have to enter, via FTP, to the storage of your Web and to go to the route wp-content-> plugins and to renombrar the folder of plugin WPS Hide Login. Once fact this, you will be able to return to accede from urls original without problems.

2. Manually (without plugin)

This method is the recommendable one, since it does not require of the installation of plugins of third parties to be able to change the access route to WordPress. On the contrary, it requires of some minimum knowledge or that you are familiarized with the modification of files in WordPress by means of FTP. Once shelp this, we go to the mess:

  • First of everything, direct you to the root of your website, you be done a copy of the file wp-login.php and keeps it in a safe site, thus in case of having some problem always you will be able to recover it and that everything returns to normality. In any case, it remembers that he is advisable to have backup copies of your complete website reason why could happen.

  • Once you have the copy of the file wp-login.php comes to renombrar the original one with the name that you wish, since it will be the route to which you will have to accede to enter your panel of WordPress. For this example, renombraremos the file wp-login.php as patata.php

After renombrar the file, open it with the text editor of your hosting or, if you have acceded by FTP, it uses the publisher who better comes to you (in my Notepad++ case)

With the new file patata.php or opened you will have to replace in the content of the same every time he appears €œwp-login.php€ by €œpatata.php€ or the name that you have chosen (you will see that they take place approximately between 12 and 14 replacements following the installation of WordPress)

Already with the file published correctly and kept, you will be able to accede to your panel of WordPress by means of the new route, in this case:

NOTE: You will be able to verify that in case of trying to accede to wp-admin or wp-login.php the Web throws error 404, redirigiendo to Page nonfound.

If arrived at this point you see that it does not solve the direction tries erasing the cookies and cache of your navigating Web. However, if the problem persists, you will be able to accede by FTP and always to recover the file wp-login.php that you had copied before as a backup.


Since you have been able to verify, to renombrar the access to the panel of WordPress is not an extremely difficult task. In addition, one has become a necessity before the numerous attacks that are received on a daily basis. Therefore, from here you intention to that you make the change in your Web and increase his security.

Please, any doubt or suggestion, as always, leaves them to us in the commentaries.

And it remembers, if you liked€¦ Comp¡rtelo!

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