By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 12 June 2020
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At the time of developing a webpage you have multiple options, from the design to size to the use of some CMS or manager of contents Web. In this case I am going to treat the used CMS more at world-wide level, WordPress.

Israel Cabrera
Co-founder of Professional Tresmer. Enamored with the technology and the done things good.


The reason that much people become this question is due to the news that you can find by Internet speaking of attacks to made webpages with WordPress. These attacks are counted by thousand or tens of thousands and mainly have their origin in the accessories that are added to the own platform (plugins or new functionalities, subjects, etc.), since when being about an Open Source solution or opened code, the developers can improve the platform, add new functionalities, discover bugs and correct them.

The problem comes when the developer does not have good intentions and uses this context to mount attacks to the websites that use this CMS.

However, responding to the question, it is not that WordPress is less safe with respect to other solutions, the reason for this type of affirmations is in which more WordPress is the used manager and by simple statistic the percentage of attacked Webs is greater in this sense.


You can guarantee, as far as possible, a good operation of your WordPress and without frights, but always following a series of Security Councils who we will see next:

Safe password

  1. It establishes a safe password. It seems something obvious, but still you can be with passwords as €œ12345€ or similars. The password always must fulfill a series of requirements, I I recommend the following to you:
  • That it has at least 8 characters.
  • That it contains capital letters, small letters and numbers.
  • It adds some special character if it is possible as asterisk, pad, exclamations, etc.
  • It protects the usuary administrators. With this I mean that the name of the user is not seen publicly with whom you accede to the administration panel, since we will be saving them work to the attackers. It uses users different to administer to your WordPress with respect to publications of your pages or entrances of the blog or creates an alias so that he does not correspond.
  • It updates the platform periodically. WordPress has a great community to its backs, reason why he is frequent that applies updates once in a while. In this point he is recommendable that you have a backup copy, but this we will treat it more ahead.
  • Mant©n updated plugins and subjects. It is related to the previous point and basically it consists of the same, it updates whenever plugins or subjects, since is sent to new versions of your they add new functionalities and they correct security problems.
  • Safe Login

  • It modifies the direction of the administration panel. This requires of a separate point, reason why in next articles I will publish as realising the complete process. At the moment, you can also realise it by means of the installation of some plugin as WPS Hide Login.
  • It adds security to your WordPress. This is relatively easy if you install plugins as Limit Login Attempts Reloaded to be prot©g© before brute force attacks, or if you implement other solutions of security.
  • Good hosting

  • Also, a good supplier of hosting chooses that it has a series of measures that contribute security to your WordPress, as, for example, firewall, certificate SSL, CDN (network of distribution of contents) and backup copies.
  • Backup copy

  • Following with the previous point, if by the reason that is, your hosting does not realise backup copies of automatic way on your website, he is recommendable that you do them periodically you yourself.
  • NOTE: In the Security Councils previously described, when I periodically tell you, I talk about to that it is a task that is repeated once in a while, for example, once a month or every 15 days, since it is not necessary that you update the same day in which a new update is sent, is more, been recommendable than they spend some days so that possible failures are corrected that sometimes arise with the change from a version to another one.


    As you can see, to maintain our WordPress safe is not an excessively complicated task, but it requires of some basic knowledge and to spend time to him. If this it is your case, I hope to have helped to you. On the contrary, always you can resort to professionals who can take a correct maintenance of your Web.

    Immediately, I take leave until the next article and I invite to you to that years in the commentaries possible doubts or improvements of security that are happened to you and are not in this post.

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