10 reasons to have your own store online

By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 22 Mayo 2020
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During many years the traditional businesses have worked very well, I myself I have been a great defender of the stores of district in which the attention is superb and the prices, for the times that run, are highly competitive, but because at the time of the truth always we listened that people buy in Amazon or any other Web of sale online?
Today I want to speak to you of because you would have to reconvert your business and of home to sell with your own store online.

Israel Cabrera
Co-founder of Professional Tresmer. Enamored with the technology and the done things good.


To have ecommerce causes that your market extends beyond your zone or locality. Clients will be able to accede to her from any point of the planet, but to understand better the potential than she can contribute a store to you online we see the following listing of reasons for which to sell in Internet is a success.

Advantages lie down online


  1. A store online is open 24 hours to the day, the 7 days of the week and the 365 days of the year.
  2. Smaller costs with respect to a physical business that supports high costs of rent of the premises, consumptions and other expenses derived of this model from business.
  3. Like in the previous point, you can contribute a professional image and name brand without a great economic payment. Nevertheless, a physical site you incur reforms, furniture, marquees, showcases, etc.
  4. There are numerous studies that demonstrate that your clients look for in Internet, Why aren't you?
  5. High availability, since thanks to the design responsive you will be able to have operative your store online in any movable device, reason why your possibilities increase.
  6. By means of tools of analytical Web you will be able to know better the tastes, needs and restlessness of your clients and, therefore, to give them what they demand.
  7. Thanks to another type of platforms Web as Google or the social networks you can exponentially multiply the impact of your business and thus of obtaining that the sales increase considerably.
  8. Before causes of greater force, as the pandemic of Covid19, your business will not be stopped at any moment and will be able to continue growing with the health and opportune safety measures.
  9. Generally, the platforms for the sale online come already prepared to be able to approach commercial law actions that ensure the success in which to sales it talks about, as, for example, virtual coupons, promotions, drawings, gifts, etc.
  10. By all the previous points, one is the perfect complement in case you already have a physical business.


If we continued deepening more in the subject, surely we find some additional reason to defend the idea that having your own store online it is the future, in many cases already is present, but I believe that the concept is understood. However, if you wish to leave your commentaries, we will become rich all still more and in case you need more information or you have been decided to give the jump, you do not doubt it more and contacts to us. We will be encantad@s to help and to advise you to you on the process.

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