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By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 14 Mayo 2020
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Doubt that does not fit WhatsApp has been integrated of perfect way in the way in which we communicated on a daily basis with the others, but you knew that a version for companies exists? She is well-known as WhatsApp Business and its main objective are ensure communications between SMEs and their clients. Reason why if not yet you use WhatsApp Business for your business we are going to tell its main advantages you.

Israel Cabrera
Co-founder of Professional Tresmer. Enamored with the technology and the done things good.


To do to us with the application is really easy, since he is available to unload as much in main markets of Apps of Android as of iOS.

Once we have it installed the version of WhatsApp Business in our device we will have to turn our personal account into an account of companies.

It is necessary to consider that the passage of a conventional account or WhatsApp Messenger to one of WhatsApp Business implies that the conventional version will let €œwork€, but we will be able to transfer our chats, archives multimedia, etc. Despite, in case of wanting to realise the process to the inverse one if that we will lose this type of information.

Also emphasizing, that we will only be able to use a phone number on behalf of simultaneous way, reason why we will have to be safe to want to turn our account of WhatsApp Messenger into a Business.

WhatsApp Business


Basically it allows us to establish a more direct relation with our clients, since one is a tool of very powerful digital marketing if we have a good data base of clients to whom to be able to direct to us.

In the same way, the conversions by this channel increase, since it is thought indeed to make businesses within the enterprise scope without stopping being an application of instantaneous mail.

Communication clients


  • It opens a direct channel with the clients to solve doubts.
  • It allows to know better the needs your clients.
  • It provides excellent information as a statistics.
  • We will be able to automate answers not to lose business opportunities.
  • It improves the conversions of the actions of marketing with respect to other mass media, for example, the email.
  • By their nature and way of daily use, the answers are faster.
  • Related to the previous point, also, the clients cheer up in greater number to send their consultations by this channel.
  • If we put more in task, we will discover that thanks to its integration with Facebook the fan of opportunities is extended much more.


He is unquestionable that WhatsApp is a tool used by an ample majority of the world-wide population, as much at particular level as enterprise, therefore, if your business has still not given the jump, from we invited to you here to explore this route, still more when we are ourselves surrounded in circumstances of greater force as the caused ones by the pandemic of Covid-19.

Your business cannot be allowed to stop growing and much less to stop itself. In addition, like it happens with the store solutions online, the tools that help to that this does not happen are welcomes, especially when they provide a virtual contact that assures that the health of all is preserved.

We hope that this information is of utility.

We see ourselves in the next article!

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