5 advice to obtain followers in Instagram

By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 8 Abr 2020
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Sometimes we do not give the importance that it requires to the social networks. We can use them in major or minor measured in our daily life at particular level, but when the thing is the enterprise scope changes and we lie down to neglect them. This applies to all the social networks, and in the case of Instagram still more.

Today we will see that this type of behaviors is totally erroneous and that Instagram has a potential major of which you can imagine.

Israel Cabrera
Co-founder of Professional Tresmer. Enamored with the technology and the done things good.


Although in which we took of year 2020, many dare to indicate that the bubble of Instagram has been punctured, which we cannot deny is that it represents a substantial part of users/clients who accede assiduously to the social networks. For this reason, we see necessary to take advantage of this circumstance and to realise publications frequently, choosing the images well, to have good results and of interacting with the objective hearing, that is to say, your followers.



The question of the million. Many fall in the error to resort to €œbanks€ in which to buy false followers and other practices that are persecuted by Instagram to fight this type of frauds. Therefore, it will be necessary to apply to a series of good practices and advice so that the real followers go to our profile.



  1. He takes care of and he pampers much your profile
  2. To take care of profile

    Before home to run you must learn to walk. Shelp of another form, you must optimize your profile, compliments of interesting way your biography, that your logo sees well, that the published images keep a coherence and to the possible being they take your corporative colors. Really, as we shelp in the title, he takes care of your profile!

  3. A strategy for your content elaborates
  4. Strategy

    The best thing is to begin by a good publication calendar structured. To publish with certain frequency helps your followers to be pending of your content and if this one is of value you will be fidelizando to a community of faithful followers, who are the type of followers who will interest to you.

  5. The importance of the election of hashtags in Instagram
  6. Hashtag

    A good election at the time of labeling a publication with hashtags can increase its impact in the social network. Therefore, it tries that most correct possible and they are related to your thematic one.

  7. It takes care of the commentaries
  8. Commentaries

    Your followers not only look for quality content, also want to interact with their favorite brands. In this aspect, most important he is than you always respond to the commentaries as rapidly as possible and from a warm and constructive point of view when one is critics. Of all type of commentaries he learns himself.

  9. The algorithms modify
  10. Algorithm

    Instagram, as all the great companies of Internet, adapts to the behavior and tendencies of the world Web. You will have to pay special attention to the changes of algorithms, since they can mark to the difference between the success and the failure of your strategy in social networks.


Arrived at this point, the best thing is than you put in practice these advice on your profile of Instagram. You can take time more or less, but the results will end up arriving whenever you fulfill the described thing previously.

If by the reason that is, you do not have time, he is not yours, etc€¦ always we will be able to do it by you. In the art of the Web we can manage your social profiles and we have a plan that adjusts to each business. consult them here or you contact with us. We will advise to you without commitment.

We see ourselves in following the post and remembers€¦ comp¡rtelo!

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