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By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 30 January 2020
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Surely many of you you will have faced the situation to have to give a special touch to a work, or an article of your blog, a commercial presentation or any other project. I am certainly the great majority acab¡steis diving in Internet, in search of the perfect image that emphasizes your work still more, and certainly acab¡steis in a bank of images free. With these whole it is easier.

If you want to know more envelope they, I invite to you to that you continue reading this interesting article, that to future will be to you helpful in your personal and professional projects.


Israel Cabrera
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What is a bank of images?

One is a platform online in that we can find grouped by collections all type of images, are already photographies, drawings, etc.

Graphical design

Gratuitous Bank of images or payment?

An article dedicated to this subject could only be written, but it is not the assignment of this post. To be brief, the election between a gratuitous bank of images and one of payment, will come submitted to the type of use license. For example, it is not just like the image is used in a schellostic project that is going away to use in professional webpages, social networks or articles of the press.
Another aspect that marks the difference is the resolution and the format in which it is allowed us to unload the file, since to more quality, major value will have the resource at issue.

License of use

Why to use free images of rights?

In this point, it is important that we pay attention to if the bank of images allows the use for the aim that we wished, whether is with or without attribution towards the author. This way we will not be failing to fulfill its conditions of use. However, always we will have the possibility of resorting to free images of rights, known by its type of license as Creative Commons. This type of images we will be able to use them of gratuitous way so many times as we need, without incurring illegalities that can cause problems to us with the proprietor.


Listing of the 6 banks of images free

Now if, we go to the heart of the matter. Next, I detail the listing to you of gratuitous banks of images:
More than well-known, conocid­simo bank of images free, which has a great variety of ready resources to be unloaded. This, in particular, it counts on images with great resolution. The only thing that we must make to unload them, is to register to us in its platform free of charge. If we do not want to do it, we will have to conform to us to a smaller resolution.
Although less it is known than his predecessor in the list, we have wanted to include it in our listing, since it very has variable images. Behind it counts on a full community of talent.
Another gratuitous bank of images very well-known, with more than 2 million resources available. One concentrates concretely in icons, ready to be worked with applications as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. In return they will request us that we use the image with attribution to the author.
One is one of the top next to Pixabay. They make your available images of all type, such as photographies, vectors or icons, and everything with an excellent quality. In return, like the previous one, that we use with attribution the author.
With more than 300,000 photos to your disposition, it can help search the necessary inspiration you for your projects. Its use is gratuitous, independent of if it is personal or commercial projects.
He is the last one of our ranking, but this does not mean that he is bad. Account with a very simple interface and a simple finder that will give access us to thousands and thousands of images, all lists for its gratuitous unloading. The type of license is Creative Commons.

Author photographer

Some advice

  • He uses images of quality for your projects, since he will increase your possibilities of success.
  • If you need images in hi-res and you do not find them in gratuitous banks of images, you will always be able to resort to subscriptions. This is not negative, on the contrary. To take care of the image that we showed is positive, since it demonstrates that he is something that worries to you.
  • In case of using images of great resolution, the best thing is to decide on vector graphics, so that them we will be able to modify so much as we need without losing quality.
  • As far as possible, it tries that the images have harmonic colors and that they are of the same thematic one and format.
  • It looks for and it compares. Not always the first option is the perfect image for the project that we have in hand. Tomato your time, because one will notice in the final result.

In order to finalize, to tell you that indeed more banks of images exist many free, but we have wanted to center us in these, by its simplicity and amount of resources. However, we animated to you to that you share with us your particular ranking.

If it were to you useful, you do not forget to share in your social networks.

Until the next one!

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