By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 25 Sea 2020
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At the moment we can observe multitude of changes in the designs of practically any website. The great majority of them comes originated by the necessary adaptation for the movable devices that we have lived years in the last. The webpages of nowadays must be more efficient and intuitive, or in equipment desktop, tablets or smartphones.
Generally, the tendencies of the design Web for this year 2020, continue the dynamics of the last years. But we must consider some aspects not to have left back.

Israel Cabrera
Co-founder of Professional Tresmer. Enamored with the technology and the done things good.

1. Speed and yield

One of the valued aspects more at the time of realising a webpage. The main reason is that it improves the user experience, which without a doubt will offer better results and, therefore, a better yield.

Memory few years makes an article in that she mentioned very textually €œTo Google like fast€, and is all a declaration of intentions, since it is evident that the finders award, in which to positioning talks about, to the optimized Webs more by using vps web hosting.

Speed of load

How to know if our Web loads fast?

Good, this data will depend on several factors, but generally we can say the following thing:

  • Load of the Web inferior to a second: Level of optimal yield.
  • The Web full load in a time between 1 and 3 seconds: Level of correct yield.
  • The load of the Web is delayed beyond the 3 seconds: Level of poor yield.

Several gratuitous services exist that will help us to meet this data type on our Web, for example, Pingdom

Pingdom result

If your website is with a level of poor yield, that is to say, takes more than 3 seconds in loading, I recommend to give him a face washing to you in which technical aspects talk about, to improve this data. Also, following the point in which is the Web, the redesign Web could be an option to value.

2. Responsive Design

As it commented in the introduction, this he is another one of the aspects that have been years being tendency, and is that with the height of the movable devices the websites must adapt.

Responsive design

The tendencies in this aspect have come to remain and we can see other concepts related to this section as it can be the Mobile First. Which basically talks about to the way to design, that is to say, it considers how it will visualize in a movable device.

3. Typographies

One is a vitally important element, since it is a key piece in the design of a Web. They help us to pass on our message of the correct way and attractive form. A legible and showy message will be easier to understand and, by all means, to remember.


4. Scroll

Surely already you will have realized, but we have a tendency to the use of scroll, fomented mainly by the use of movable devices in which the navigability with scroll is more intuitive.


In addition, it is possible to mention that another tendency that comes with scroll is the design of One Page. These are Webs to a single page in which it is possible to present supplies, products and services of a comprehensible way

5. Multimedia

He is something to consider, since the users demand it. Help to the Web to generate more traffic and than this one remains a greater time sailing by the Web.


In this point not only we talked about to the images that we included in the Web, here acquire a great importance other elements as the videos. Or with short animations or videos we can obtain that the user experience is better.

6. Photographies

In some occasion we have spoken to you of the importance of these elements facing which a Web is more visual.

The tendency this year is that the images even replace in many cases the words.


Great images, even to complete screen, can give a qualitative jump to our Web in which to communication it talks about.

7. Parallax

Another one of the effects that are fashionable in the design Web, since they provide dynamism to navigation. This effect consists of which the bottom moves at a speed different from the one from the rest of the content, when we do scroll, within a certain block of the Web.

The best thing to understand it is to see an example as which you have next:

8. Chatbots

These elements have been gaining protagonism in the design of webpages, since they allow to improve the processes of marketing and attention to the client.


They are highly recommendable for Webs of formation or stores online, generating a greater confidence with the user and giving a proximity touch to break the barriers of the businesses online with respect to a physical place in which a person can advise on a certain service or product to you.

9. Security

Another tendency that has been the last year at least beating hard and is going to continue is the one of which any Web loaded under the protocol HTTPS, that is to say, that the domain is protected by a certificate SSL so that the information travels safe by Internet. Also, the main navigators alert to the user when a Web is not safe, reason why the traffic will be harmed.


In addition, this aspect penalizes facing the SEO of the Web, reason why he is something that we must very consider to solve. A good supplier of dedicated server hosting will offer it of gratuitous way within the contracted plan, reason why we only must worry to form it.

10. Color

Finally, as tendency that is being seen with more frequency this year is the one of the webpages that still more divide to their content in square and rectangular blocks with different size and color.

This resource in the design of a Web contributes a color touch and can transmit more messages of a form ordinate. Always using, as far as possible, the corporative colors and that we have assigned for the Web at issue.


This way to place the information in blocks helps the visitor to catch better the concepts than we want to emphasize to him.


In order to finish this post, I mean to you that more tendencies exist, throughout the year will even arise many more. It only wanted to emphasize those that seem more excellent to me at the time of designing a Web.

If your also you want to share tendencies, please, leave it in the commentaries and we see it tod@s.

We see ourselves in the following article.

Until the next one!

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