By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 21 February 2020
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Generally, when you wear for the first time webpage you have the sensation of which it is the best one than you have had, most modern, without defects€¦ , Really superb and that never you will have to change it. Then we felt to say you that like passes us to the rest, equivocations to you.
In this article we want to give some you you rule with which you yourself you will be able to identify if that Web that as much you adore is susceptible of change and, therefore, to undergo a redesign Web in all rule.

Israel Cabrera
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The redesign consists of giving a touch of fresh air to the present Web, but it goes beyond a new image. Arrived at this point it is the moment for incorporating the learned thing with the previous webpage, as much the positive as mainly the negative, and for applying it of the best possible way in your new website.

For it will be necessary to alter the message or the form to which you go to your objective public. As well as the elements related to the positioning SEO, images, times of load (this includes a new election of hosting if it were necessary) and other aspects that can mark to the difference between the success or the failure.


You like or no, or later early she arrives the moment at which your webpage will request to shouts a redesign. Like it happens with other aspects of the businesses, as showcases, stores, exhibitors, uniforms, machinery, fleet of vehicles, and a long list of others, your website needs to adapt to improve and to offer one better image to your clients.

Design responsive

It is for this reason that next we presented to you you rule of that we spoke previously, so that you identify quickly if your Web needs a change.

    • The present webpage takes too much in loading. Detecting this kind of problems requires of an investment that sometimes surpasses the cost of a new one.
    • Portfolio of products or services has changed. The businesses, as everything in the life, are evolving, and what initially it was of a way, over the years it is of very different other due to which the clients have been demanding throughout the years. Arrived at this point, the logical thing it is that your €œvirtual showcase€ shows more faithfully possible to which you dedicate yourself or what you sell.
    • The corporative image of the business has changed. It has spent the time and the logo already nor is looked like the original one. This he is one of the main reasons to redesign your webpage, since even the colors can turns affected. This can seem a triviality, but it thinks about the image that it give to your clients€¦ Indeed, it changes that Web as rapidly as possible!
    • The Web receives visits, but they are not translated in clients. This aspect can be consequence of the message, prices policy or to direct you to the erroneous public. In anyone of the cases, the solution also passes through a redesign Web.
    • Your Web has been hackeada. If this it is your case and you have not invested in a maintenance service Web, the fastest solution and probably economic, is to say goodbye to your old webpage.



Arrived at this point, already you have assimilated the redesign concept Web as a new opportunity to let grow your business and power of dazzling to your potential clients, on a par of which you stand out on your competitors.

The following steps to follow will consist of knowing how to choose the design of your new Web, colors, typography, images, etc. Despite, these changes are merely aesthetic, and as it indicated at the home of this post, Web is a redesign in all the aspects, reason why it will be necessary to make special emphasis in the following sections:


positioning SEO


      You must consider strength of the old Web and to harness them in the new one. It identifies the key words and uses them so that they improve your positioning Web. Also, you will have to make the opportune redirections and of the correct way not to lose the authority gained until the moment.



      The message is as important as the design, reason why you must turn it into your fort to be more effective at the time of catching clients. With the redesign Web you have a gold opportunity to improve this aspect and to give a quality jump.

      In this point it is possible to emphasize the importance of optimizing contents as, for example, the images, since if the Web takes in loading it will be penalized by the finders and mainly by the users of whom they do not want to hope more of the account to be able to arrive at the content.

structure Web


      Once you know clearly the content you will have to structure it of coherent way, that is read well and been comprehensible by the user.

      At technical level, that also keeps a coherence, for example, with headed the HTML.

SEM icon


      This point finds last, but it is vitally important, since you have to know clearly objective that you want to obtain with the new Web, either to catch clients, that the user fills in a form, that subscribes to your newsletter, etc.



The redesign Web requires of an investment in time that you will have to be arranged to assume. Like the cost derived from the change if you delegate it in professionals. By these reasons, it is important that you analyze your website and values if the moment has arrived for changing it. In case the answer is Yes Ahead! the results will be worth the trouble.

We see ourselves in the following article.

Until the next one!

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