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By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 08 October 2019
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As we tried in our last post, the penalties of Google are something real, and that affect to any webpage that does not observe the rules that the famous finder dictates.

In case of having a Web, he is recommendable to know these rules, this way we will be able to save possible problems and unnecessary frights in which to positioning of site one talks about.

How I can know if Google has penalized to me?

Several indicatives exist to give account us of which our website has undergone a penalty on the part of Google. We even have to our disposition applications that will facilitate the task to us by a low cost. But, without a doubt, the best indicative of than we are affected by a penalty of Google is lost of ranking or the positioning of our Web. If we detected that we lowered many positions in the results search, and the gratuitous tools of Google indicate to us that the traffic Web has descended significantly, we will be with total security before a penalty. But calm, surely you have come looking for the adjustment, and if, it has solution.

To expel

Types of penalties

We will see two types of penalties: Algorithmic and manuals:

Algorithmic penalties

These can affect to a complete site or specific pages. They are characterized for being difficult to detect, but as we indicated, a drastic loss of traffic can be the indicative that activates our alarms. Google uses algorithms as Google Panda or Google Penguin to detect possible frauds. They will help to detect them us by means of Google Analytics, acceding to Acquisition - > All the traffic - > Channels - > Organic Search

Penalties manuals

This type of penalties occurs when a person ordered by Google detects some unusual activity on a Web and, therefore, decide to penalize it. Unlike the algorithmic ones, these penalties are easier to detect, since a warning arrives to you at your Google Search Console.

Symptoms of a penalty in Google

Although he is something that already we saw in our previous post, is possible to remember that the main symptoms to know that our Web has been penalized by Google they are:

  • Sudden fall without apparent cause of the organic traffic.
  • Loss of visibility of the Web when we looked for by some of keywords that we had identified as forts in our site.
  • Realising a search by the domain name and there is nor sign of the no Web.
  • Related to the previous point, desindexa the content of the Web.


To recover of a penalty of Google

The first step that we will have to give to recover of the penalty will be to find out the cause. For it, we can use the well-known tool as Panguin Tool that will help us to verify because we have been penalized. Once we have identified the cause of the problem between which they can be:

  • Duplicated or copied content.
  • Broken connections.
  • Incorrect redirections.
  • Bought connections.

The following step will be to fix what the situation has caused us and as we are it correcting, to recover our corresponding ranking.

In case the penalty manual, from Google will inform to us into the cause that has caused it. For it we will accede to Google Search Console. From this portal we will be able to realise a request so that they reconsider the penalty once we have come to realise the necessary corrections so that they annul it. In order to be able to formulate this reconsideration we will have a term of limited time, reason why he is advisable to correct it as rapidly as possible.

Penalized Web

Finally, but less important, we must not have in mind if the option to eliminate the domain and to begin of zero is viable, since it can be a solution that adjusts following the needs of the website. By norm, this option is difficult to contemplate by branding and because surely we have or a name or brand that it identifies to us, but this it is not the case, to begin with a different domain can again be most effective.


In order to be able to recover the lost positioning a good dose of effort will be necessary, to observe the rules that Google as far as positioning marks talks about and patience first of all to position our webpage in the place that corresponds to him.

And it remembers, if you have liked Compartelo!

Until soon!

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