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By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 12 August 2019
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Israel Cabrera
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Whether you have a webpage for or a time, as if you have created it recently, is probable that you have been in this situation and you have asked yourselves, why doesn't my webpage appear in Google?

There is no a standard answer by which this happens, since they influence multiple factors, but we will see as shedding a little light on this subject.

Several factors exist by which a webpage does not appear in Google and other finders:
€¢ Your webpage is nice, has a modern and beautiful design, but it is not optimized.
€¢ Your sector has a strong competition and your competitors have to you displaced to the last positions.
€¢ Related to the previous one. You have not spent time to him to improve your Web.
€¢ You do not work nor you invest in SEO.
€¢ Google has penalized to you by some action carried out on your Web.

To obtain that a website appears on the front page of the results of Google is what everybody wishes, since the yield of the Web will be very high to the power to be found easily by the potential clients, but requires of investment and time.

Positioning SEO

positioning SEO

When we spoke to position a webpage, it is necessary to have patience, since it is a process in the medium and long term. So that you become an idea, a reasonable term will vary, according to the sector and the competed thing that is, among 6 to 12 months and if we try significantly to shorten these terms with some techniques of doubtful reputation (Black Hat), Google will penalize to us for this reason, so there are no short cuts.

Some details that agree to consider to help the SEO of your Web are:
€¢   To never publish duplicated content.
€¢  To realise updates of content with certain frequency.
€¢  To provide a comfortable and intuitive navigation, especially in movable devices (design mobile first).
€¢ Selection of palabra/s key. An incorrect election of a keyword for our Web can throw to the fret great part of the work.
€¢  To complete all the labels puts, attributes alt of the images and to have well-taken care of with the titles or also headed they help to improve our positioning SEO.



The connections that our webpage contains are an important factor and for Google every time they have more weight. For this reason, whatever more connections we have towards our Web and of greater reputation they are, better score we will obtain on the part of the finders.

However, as we commented previously, all the techniques are not worth at the time of improving our SEO and the obtaining of connections is not an exception. Also we will be penalized if we obtained multitude of connections of artificial way, we bought to increase them our ranking of exponential way, we used techniques Black Hat SEO, etc.

webpage penalized by Google

penalized Web

A penalty can eliminate your website of the results search of Google. If this it is your case or sometimes it has happened to you, surely you know that this is due to that Google has verified a very abrupt change of the ranking of your Web in a short space of time.

Different causes by which Google determines that it must penalize your website are:
€¢ You have a supplier of hosting that is gratuitous and introduces content labelling as Spam.
€¢ Generation of Spam on the part of the proprietor of the Web by means of commentaries in forums and/or blogs.
€¢ Nonnatural connections have been generated towards the Web.
€¢ Redirections to show different content from Google with respect to the rest of users who visit the Web.
€¢ Hidden text between the content to stimulate artificially the inclusion of key words.
€¢ Attacked and hackeado website.

In a post future we will deepen more on this subject and on how to correct it, although already we advanced that it is not a easy task. Meanwhile, we left a connection you of the official help of Google that you can orient a little.

Your competitors invest more than you


The positioning SEO is not a secret technique, any company that is in Internet and has its webpage as main source of income will have a good plan of marketing. This includes that it will invest in publicity type PPC (payment by click), as Google Ads, will regularly publish in his blog or social networks to create a faithful community to the content and thus to generate traffic towards his Web.

For this reason, he is recommendable that you try to give all the tools that you can to your website so that it is positioned on the rest.


If your webpage does not appear in Google and you think that you are to years light of being able to appear in the first positions of the web search engines, you are not hopeless. To position your Web requires that you begin by small changes and that you are working all the aspects of the Web until doing it more agile, completes and optimized.

As it is logical, it is possible that you do not have required time to it, but always you can derive this type from works to professionals specialized in SEO, they will do it of the correct way and without taking false steps that they can harm to your Web.

Really, if your Web does not appear in Google is as if it did not exist, therefore, to develop a marketing plan that positions it correctly is the key of the success for your business in Internet.

Until soon!

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