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By: Israel Cabrera
Published: 02 Julio 2019
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Israel Cabrera
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The companies we lived in a digital world in which great part of our information is in Internet, since we needed to have her at any time from any place and, but this entails some risks. It is for that reason that acquires great importance the backup copies.

Yes, we know it, you will have read multitude of articles on backups and backup copies to safeguard your important images or documents, but you have stopped yourselves to think about having endorsed the social networks of your company or marks? You do not worry because you are not the unique ones and we are going to tell to you how to do it you yourself for greater tranquillity.


The social networks are a great tool for our daily life, since they are useful as much for personal use as for professional use. On the other hand, they help us to be interconnected with relatives, friendly and companions.

Stopping to think to us, the amount of information is incredible that we can get to maintain within our social networks, but that would happen if somebody with not very good intentions gained access to them or the platform at issue decided to eliminate to us to fail to fulfill some condition of its policies of use. Then, these are only some examples that justify having a backup copy of our social profiles.

Next, we will explain how to realise backups in the main social networks. In this case we have elaborated it by use order in Spain, home by most popular according to its number of users who used them during the past year.


ATTENTION: This guide has been made to realise the backup copy than she knows herself as Fan Page de Facebook, personal nonprofile.

She is the queen of the social networks, and its use is very over its pursuers. Although we will speak of other social networks as we indicated more above, surely the great majority of you you will have arrived up to here looking for indeed having a backup copy of your page of Facebook. Then, we go to it!

Login Facebook

First of all, we will have to initiate session in our account of Facebook. Later we will click in Configuration and we will puncture in the option To unload page that is within General. In the following images you will be able to see the process:

Facebook configuration

Login Facebook

Next, a new window will be opened to us in which we will be able to select the information that we need to keep. Next, we will be able to personalize several options such as the format or the quality of the contents to unload and the date from which we wished to endorse the data. After these steps, simply we will have to click in €œCreating file€.

Now we will only have left to hope at that they arrive at our email associated with our account from Facebook a message in which lets know to us that the file is available to unload its corresponding connection to be able to lower it to us from the section of €œArchives available€.

Facebook archives

And with this we will have our page of Facebook out of danger 😉  


As we told you its popularity is enough far from Facebook. In spite of it, the increase of users has made it advance to other consolidated social networks either, for example, Twitter or or disappeared Google+.

Login Instagram

However, we are many the enthusiastic ones of its stories and will see next as endorsing it:

First of everything, we initiated session in Instagram. We will go to the small wheel to puncture in €œConfiguration€ and to click in €œPrivacy and security€.

Instagram configuration

In the following window, in the part of down we will see the option of €œUnloading of data€ from which we will be able To ask for unloading. The procedure is similar to the previous one, already will ask to us to confirm the email and the password to be able to receive the file (in app movable it does not ask for password, we commented it because Instagram is thought to be used essentially from movable devices).

Following the content of our Instagram this process can be delayed more or less. With a little patience we will receive a mail in which we will be able to click to return to the section of unloading of data and this time when doing click in €œUnloading data€ we will lower to a file zip with the asked for information.  


In spite of the push of Instagram one stays to a near distance as far as popularity one talks about and he is the following one in the ranking that we are following. When being a social network that also counts on a great volume of users we create important to explain the process of backup.

Login Twitter

Like in the previous steps, we initiated session in Twitter and we click in the image of profile located above to the right to be able to accede to €œConfiguration and privacy€.

In the following window we will see the options of configuration of Twitter in which we will have to lower and to clicar in €œYour data of Twitter€.

Twitter data

After introducing our password of Twitter we will be able to see two bellboys for €œAsking for data€ corresponding to Twitter and Periscope. We will click in first asking for the data of our profile of Twitter.

To ask for Twitter data

Once fact this, the file will begin to prepare itself and it will be notified to us by email when he is ready to come to its unloading. Once we have the message with the corresponding connection, we will go to Twitter to unload the file.

With this we will also have Twitter out of danger!  


One is the social network for professionals by antonomasia. When being specialized in this type of public its use she is minor who the one of the social networks already commented, but we have believed important to add it indeed because it is oriented to professional companies and.

Login LinkedIn

In order to begin with the copy of our data in LinkedIn we will initiate session and click in our €œImage of profile€. Next, we will puncture in €œAdjustment and privacy€.

In the following screen we will have to lower until the section of How LinkedIn uses your data and to click in Unloading your data.

To unload LinkedIn data

The following step will be, to mark the information that we wish to unload or to select everything later To ask for file. They will request the password to us by security and will be called on to hope to receive the e-mail informing to us into that the file has been generated and ready unloading.


We know that there are very many social networks, but have wanted to center us in these by his popularity and importance.

Really, now we could be calm and with the security to have endorsed the social profiles of our company before any problem that could arise.

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